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Reasons Why Staff Augmentation is Necessary For Your Business

Staff Augmentation is not an alien strategy anymore. As per the Statistic reports, the market size of this service grew from $92.5 billion to $132.9 billion in just one year. With such a beaming market, this strategy is filling the cracks of several businesses. 

After serving various reputed organizations and fastening their results, Anagha Tech understands the tricks and strategies of this service very well.

Now let’s understand what is staff augmentation, the reasons this is necessary for your business, the benefits, and how Anagha Tech can help you with staff augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

In most simple words, staff augmentation is outsourcing professionals on a short-term or long-term basis to manage all your projects. In this outsourcing strategy, you can directly choose the professionals before hiring and also manage your augmented team.

How Staff Augmentation can help your business?

Staff Augmentation strategy can solve several problems of your business. Some of those are –

  • Bridge the gap – Your business may suffer from a skill gap and outsourcing will mend this gap in no time.
  • Flexibility – At times there is a need for professionals for a single project and staff augmentation comes with the flexibility of hiring at the time of need. Hire specialists for a specific period and a particular project.
  • Time Management – Hiring in-house professionals is a tedious and time-consuming task. However, staff augmentation saves both time and energy.
  • Play with strategy – With staff augmentation, a perfect strategy will smoothen the process even more. Tracking competitors and planning accordingly would lead to an exponential growth of your business.

Is Staff Augmentation right for your business?

The answers to the following questions will determine if your business needs a staff augmentation strategy –

Do you think there is a lack of talent for your new project?

Your company got a new project, but there is a lack of a professional team. Through staff augmentation, you can hire specialists right away for the particular project.

Does your business need a specialist for the short-term goals?

You are planning for a new IT launch and you need a team of professionals for 2 months. If this is the situation, then you need staff augmentation.

Is your business planning for beta testing?

You want to test the new products and get the exact review from specialists. A team of professionals is best for this purpose. Get a consultancy from an experienced and professional team.

Do you need full accountability for the hired team?

The specialty of staff augmentation is that you have full control over the augmented professionals. You’ll be informed about the progress and struggles from time to time.

Why should you invest in Anagha Tech’s staff augmentation service?

Be it 1 person or a team, AnaghaTech is always there to find the best fit for your business. AnaghaTech has a highly-skilled, experienced, and certified technical team with practical knowledge in full-stack development & software development.

The professionals provide immense value to the clients in various emerging and ongoing technologies like cloud technology (Azure, AWS, GCP), full-stack development ( both back end and front end), quality assurance (manual and automation), and data analytics.

Anagha Tech will find the right person for your business with its “4-step formula”. The strategies and plans helped several organizations to achieve their expected (and unexpected!) goals in no time.

Expand your team with Anagha Tech and shift your focus solely on the business!

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