Application Services

Upgrade your software profile and improve your network aspects with Anagha Tech. We meet all your expectations with quality service, punctual delivery, and proper guidance.


Some of the areas where we can help you are –

Automation and Cloud

Automation and clouding take away a huge load from you. Anagha Tech provides a seamless flow of work in this area to deduce the manual labour.


Improve the delivery time of your business with DevOps service. We eliminate all the traditional software development processes to replace them with fast and effective software. Our team takes care of all 7 DevOps practices.

Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD)

Increase the smoothness of work with automation of software development lifecycle (SDLC). We will help you in this area as well. Our team have expertise in the specific fields, thus will deliver quality work for your business - Management DevOps Networking Business analysis Data analysis QA and Testing Automation Agile and Scrum guidance Mapping Product ownership Database Administration

Application Development

Our team will help you with load balancing, performance checkup, auto scaling, micro-segmentation, and many more. We hand over the solution to you after proper planning, creating, and testing each step.